Learning Factory - Students - Travel Forms

Before you travel, please complete the Emergency Contract Form and submit it to your instructor:

  • (1) Emergency Contract Form: PDF or XLS - Complete this before you travel!

After you travel, please use the following forms for travel reimbursement:

Once completed, forms can be submitted to Cindy Winkelblech in 314C Leonhard. Additional details follow.

Learning Factory - Students - Travel

Can I visit my sponsor?

Student teams are encouraged to make an initial site visit to their project sponsor as soon as possible. We recommend contacting your sponsor as soon as your team is formed to arrange a meeting as it may take a week or so to find a good day/time for everyone.

When scheduling your site visit, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Teams should notify their instructors when and where you plan to travel so that they are aware of your team's travel arrangements with the sponsor.
  2. Students who feel uncomfortable traveling for their project - or cannot travel due to other restrictions - should consult with their instructor to make alternative arrangements.
  3. Finally, it is okay to cancel/postpone/reschedule trips due to possible severe weather or other unforeseen conditions.

Your team's budget can be used to cover travel expenses by following the guidelines for reimbursements.

Please contact Cindy Winkelblech in 314C Leonhard Building if you need help with your travel arrangements.