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The Learning Factory

The Learning Factory is a state-of-the-art facility located in Engineering Design and Innovation Building on West Campus that supports the Capstone Design Program in the College of Engineering. Opening in August of 2023, the facility will see continuous usage throughout the year by more than 1,000 students who take courses ranging from Introduction to Engineering Design (first-year students) to Capstone Design (senior) and anything in between that requires to access to hands-on manufacturing facilities and space.

Using the Learning Factory

To use the Learning Factory, a student must be enrolled in an engineering course, and be working on a course-related project. Due to University regulations, the Learning Factory cannot be used for personal work not related to a course. Priority is given to undergraduate students; graduate students must make special arrangements by contacting a Learning Factory representative

When not used for a scheduled class session, the design studio wil be available on a first come, first served basis. 

To use shop facilities, a student must:

  • Have proper certification
  • Be a member of a recognized project team working on a course-related project
  • Be attending a class/lab within the Learning Factory

The manual equipment in the manufacturing shop is available on a first come, first served basis. Special arrangements must be made with the shop supervisor for use of the CNC, Waterjet, and 3D printers.

Due to high demand — especially at the end of the semester — students are asked to use their home department's facilities if at all possible.

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Our mission is to help bring the real-world into the classroom by providing engineering students with practical hands-on experience through industry-sponsored and client-based capstone design projects. Since its inception, the Learning Factory has completed more than 1,800 projects for more than 500 different sponsors, and nearly 9,000 engineering students at Penn State University Park participated in such a project.

The Learning Factory

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