College of Engineering announces spring 2016 design showcase award recipients


University Park, Pa. -- The winners of the spring 2016 College of Engineering Design Showcase were announced on Thursday, April 28, at the Bryce Jordan Center on the University Park campus of Penn State.

Participants in the event included first-year students through graduate students across multiple engineering disciplines.

A total of 130 senior capstone design projects were on display at the showcase, a culmination of a semester-long effort by students to solve real-world problems posed by industry sponsors.

Nine teams received the Lockheed Martin Design Excellence Awards.

The first place design excellence award winners are:

  • "Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Radiofrequency Ablation Probe for Pancreatic Cancer" for the Penn State Hershey Medical Center by Vikram Eswar, Daniel Johnson, Christopher Pfeiffer-Kelly, Andrew Simonson, and Michael Tramontozzi, advised by Sarah Ritter, assistant professor of engineering design
  • "Design of a Bullet IP Camera Housing" for Tyco Security Products by Eric Dunker, Aaron McCandless, Ronald Ryder, and Dakota Singleton at Penn State and Yuzheng Pan and Xuchen Wang of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, advised by Gary Neal, instructor in mechanical engineering
  • "Multi-Metal Selective Laser Melting - Material Recovery" for X Material Processing Co. by Rick Diagostino, Alexander Kozeniauskas, Nicholas Perese, Hunter Rauch, and Jonathan Reed, advised by Eric Keller, instructor in mechanical engineering

The following teams took second place:

  • "Low Cost Rockshaft Position Control" for John Deere by Burke O'Toole, Brianna Reinhart, Michael Rush, Malhar Shah, and Sean Solley, advised by Timothy Wheeler, assistant professor of electrical engineering in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • "Modular Residential Wheelchair Ramp System" for Penn State's Department of Architecture by Sean Fitzpatrick, Crosby Owens, James Schweikert, Jarret Sheeder, and Ryan Tracy, advised by Jason Moore, assistant professor of mechanical engineering
  • "Smart Distributed Sensors" for ThingWorx by Andrew Gieraltowski, John Grant, Paul Jang, Rishabh Sawhney, and Charles Sestito, advised by Lennart Bllen, instructor in computer science in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Third place teams were:

  • "Small Engine Dynamometer" for Penn State's Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering by Abdulrhman Alhazmi, Rashed Alshehhi, Narin Chuawongse, Cameron Gibbel, Joseph Meiklejohn, and Scott Novak, advised by Gary Neal, instructor in mechanical engineering
  • "Shell Eco-marathon Urban Concept" for Shell by Robert Hayes, Nicholas Kirkland, Shane Odonnell, Wesley Schwarz, Andrea Sinkpon, and Christopher Varghese, advised by Gary Neal
  • "Faster Robotic Assembly" for TE Connectivity by Amirul Azim Ali, Garrett Cappello, Coleman Hostetler, Justin Koscianski, and Eros Linarez, advised by Tak Sing Wong, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Three teams received best poster awards.

First place went to the "Faster Robotic Assembly" team who was sponsored by TE Connectivity.

Two teams tied for second: "Renewable Energy - Team 1" for Mark Miyamoto by Michael Chowansky, Cory Jordan, Jonathan Kobrynich, Adam Libonati, William Sungula, and Brian Wickens, advised by Semih Eser, professor of energy and geo-environmental engineering; and "Cyrogenic Cold End Check Valves" for Solutionwerks by Tyler Barnhart, Martin Dawson, Brandon Hoffert, Gary Mahoski, and Van Rude, advised by Eric Keller, instructor in mechanical engineering.

The "Multi-Metal Selective Laser Melting - Material Recovery" team working with X Material Processing Co. received the first place Capstone Video Competition Award.

Two teams received runner-up awards: "Tone of Voice in Augmentative and Alternative Communication - Team 1" for Penn State's Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Augmentative and Alternative Communication by Madelyn Cook, Leonor Mancera, Mary Elizabeth McCulloch, Matthew Vincent, and Youcheng Song, advised by Mike Erdman, Walter L. Robb Director of Engineering Leadership Development and instructor in engineering science and mechanics; and "Temperature Response Time Test Bench" for Amphenol Advanced Sensors by Kevin Cass, Derek King, Harrrison Ruhl, and Shawn Siroka, advised by Savas Yavuzkurt, professor of mechanical engineering.

The BP People's Choice Award went to "Driving Simulator for Intelligent Vehicle Evaluations" for Volvo Group by Christopher Cinti, Nicholas Parsons, and Matias Rojas of Penn State and Erika Danielsson, Julia Eugensson, and Victoria Johansson at Chalmers University of Technology, advised by Jason Moore, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. The winning team is determined by votes from the audience and participants in the showcase.

Ted Fowler from Siemens received the Best Sponsor Award.


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two female students demonstrate their project to showcase attendee

engineering student demonstrates project on computer screen

two engineering students show their spring project - a coil wrapped around a metal rod

view of the floor of bryce jordan center during showcase - showing students gathering around demo vehicles

showcase attendees listen as a student describes his capstone project in front of two computer screens



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