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Novel Braking Solution(s) for Electric Compactors

Company: Volvo Construction Equipment

Primary: EE
Secondary: ME

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Project is to continue refinement and development of an active braking system utilizing the electric drum drive motor. Desire is to have the braking force be provided by the electrical drive system and not be an add on contact friction system. For reference, see 2023 spring capstone project "Novel Braking Solution(s) for Electric Compactors" **** Our current compaction fleet is diesel powered with hydrostatic braking. As the market shifts toward electric vehicles, and we move more to electric motors, hydrostatic braking will no longer be possible. The goal of this project is to research eddy current or resistor bank electric brakes and work toward a proposed solution for a theoretical future electrical compactor. Inputs for the project will include completed work and research from fall 2022 PSU team, existing machine braking solution (hydraulic schematic), current patent research, and other machine and application information for background. Output of the project can be scaled based on the final team size and their project planning work. Minimum output should be the details of the theoretical exploration with a summary of the proposed solution. If possible, a physical mock up or technical demonstrator of the solution would be preferred.



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