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Investigate Composite Materials for use as Lighter-Weight, Structural Components in HD Truck Applications while Considering the Materials Recyclability and Sustainability

Company: Volvo Group North America

Primary: MATSE
Secondary: IE
Optional: ME

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

The purpose of this project is to research and assess alternate materials that may achieve lower weight in structural components while still meeting the application requirements of a HD Truck. Therefore, we are proposing to evaluate composite materials which can be used in structural applications. Unique goals are to ensure the composite material offers similar strength and durability to reference components with reduced weight while considering aspects of recyclability and sustainability. Within this project, the expectations are: 1. Conduct a literature review and research of Composite Materials (i.e. Fiberglass + Polyamide and other know composite materials) 2. Propose materials with sufficient mechanical properties to work in structural applications 3. Further propose materials that are Recyclable and Sustainable 4. Investigate and provide a cost analysis of the materials 5. Select material(s) to be prototyped and tested



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