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GPS in Augmented Reality (AR) Application

Company: PSU RERC on AAC

Primary: CMPSC

Non-Disclosure Agreement: NO

Intellectual Property: NO

This team will start from the current Augmented Reality application created by one of our Spring 2023 Learning Factory teams. This application was written using Unity tools. The team will incorporate use of GPS into the AR experience. There are two paths we are interested in: 1. Program a path (e.g., walking to the deli section of a store) into the application that the person should follow. This would be recorded by one person, saved, then you would be able to hold the tablet up and have an arrow showing where the person using the application should step next to reach the desired location. 2. Program an endpoint into the application. Once a location is saved, a user should be able to say they want to get to that endpoint and an arrow would always be on screen pointing toward the endpoint. We would also be interested in seeing what auto-routing tools are available in Unity. Students interested in this project: If you have experience with AR/VR, please indicate in the Optional comments section.



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