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Location Based Dating App (Geodate)

Company: Mid Atlantic Technical and Executive Consulting

Primary: CMPSC
Secondary: CMPEN

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Geodate is an idea for a dating app / website that uses a combination of location, mathematical, and behavior-based match making to bring the right two partners together. The matching algorithm for Geodate would ideally be a combination of two factors, a personality profile, and location commonality information. The personality profile would be like most other dating apps, a quick way to get to know the user. The location commonality information would work by collecting the user’s location throughout the day, then with the use of artificial intelligence, use Google’s already established descriptions to classify where you were located into specific categories. For instance, if two Annapolis based users both went to different seafood restaurants, the app would take note of this an add to a list of commonalities between the two of them when they connect. Users will be shown other Geodate profiles within a specified age and distance range set by themselves, and they can either select “hit” or “miss” on the profiles shown to them. When two users “hit” each other, they match and can now start conversation between them. Once they are matched together, they can see their shared interests that the AI found based off their locations as well as the personality profile they set up prior. The hope is that the shared interest information between the two users will connect them in ways they wouldn’t have thought to talk about initially, possibly leading to an easy first date without the stress of not knowing the other person’s interests. In the instance listed before, that could lead to a fancy seafood restaurant. The goal for this project would be to have a working prototype of the site / app by the end of the semester.



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