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Nuclear Test Loop Concept Development

Company: Nuclear Applications Technology Company LLC

Primary: ME
Secondary: MATSE
Optional: CMPSC, IE

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Overview: NuclearATC is a nuclear industrial research company looking to advance nuclear innovation as a new nuclear technology startup. We seek to develop tools to assist academia, industry and government for research in nuclear energy and isotope utilization. The Nuclear Test Loop (NTL) enables nuclear reactor core material samples to be irradiated under the sample chemical and hydraulic conditions as experienced in commercial power reactors to be analyzed later to characterize degradation. The NTL will be installed in the Penn State Breazeale Reactor (PSBR) at the Radiation Science and Engineering Center (RSEC). This project helps NuclearATC advance the NTL by creating 3D SolidWorks models for: 1.) use in technical research (mechanical and software control) in project development; and, 2.) use in marketing materials. Deliverables: 1.) Developing a SolidWorks model of the PSBR Core (simplified for the relevant portions). 2.) Developing a SolidWorks model of the Loop section inserted into the Core. 3.) Creating a 3D printed model of the Loop and Core section. 4.) Developing a SolidWorks model of a Sample Chamber 5.) Creating a 3D printed model (actual size) of a Sample Chamber 6.) Thermal Hydraulic models for limited, relevant sections of the NTL (i.e., sample chamber heated in the loop to determine heat energy input required to maintain sample temperature). Students interested in this awesome project: If you have some nuclear engineering experience or are a dual major with NUCE, please indicate in the optional comments section.



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