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General Motors/Ultium Cells - Interactive Plant Directory

Company: Ultium Cells LLC

Primary: CMPSC
Secondary: CMPEN
Optional: EE, IE, ME

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Description: Design a Visual and Interactive System to provide a Geographical Overview and Navigation Instructions for the Ultium Battery Cell Manufacturing Facility Factory Key Parameters/Background: Battery Cell Manufacturing plant is located in Lordstown, Ohio This plant is a joint venture between LG-Energy Solutions and General Motors The plant is currently in a validation phase with start of production targeted Q4 2022 The approximate size of the facility is 2.8 million square feet (2 floors) The objective of this project is as follows: Create an interactive and visual interface representing the Ultium Battery Cell Manufacturing facility Provide a touch screen interface enabling the end user to input/select specific locations within the Ultium site, and be presented with visual instructions on how to navigate to the selected location Provide capability to add/change/remove locations and directions within the systems Main goal is to design a system for a touch screen device (Provided by GM). Stretch goal is to enable the system to present information in both Korean and English languages Benefit: Provides a visual, easy to use utility to the user base to assist in navigating to key locations within the facility (Human resources, Safety, Central Nervous Center, Key Manufacturing locations, Key meeting locations, etc…) Promotes a safe environment providing location information so people know the safety route to their location Increases travel time efficiency Contributes to positive Workplace of Choice and first impression of the facility reducing the initial frustration of navigating a large complex. Deliverables: Design a visual interactive system providing a site map to the user A PC and touch screen TV/Monitor will be provided by GM Design the system to allow the user to type or touch the location and be provided directions/instructions of the safest and most efficient route within the plant Provide a user interface to accommodate changes/moves/deletions/additions to the plant directory Weekly status reporting with progression to schedule, list of tasks and any issues with mitigation plans Final report summarizing learnings, instructions on use and expansion of system



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