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Temperature Monitoring Equipment for Welding

Company: The Manitowoc Company, Inc.

Primary: IE
Secondary: ME
Optional: MATSE

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Manitowoc Cranes performs large amounts of welding to manufacture a crane. Preheat and interpass temperatures are required to ensure quality welds for the critical structures on the crane. The cost and time that preheating adds to the welding process can be very high. Therefore to be competitive in the market, Manitowoc requires quality welds without adding unnecessary additional costs when monitoring preheat and interpass temperatures. This study aims to determine the best equipment and practices to monitor temperatures in weldments. The need for low-cost, high-quality welds is of the utmost importance. Students will be tasked with conducting research to learn what is currently available for temperature monitoring. Students will then be tasked with designing/modifying equipment and developing procedures/practices for the best way to monitor preheat and interpass temperatures during welding. The students will need to establish the accuracy and ease of use of the equipment and procedure. This can be done through testing in the shop environment at Manitowoc.