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Virtual Reality Game for Learning Machine Design

Company: PSU Mechanical Engineering

Primary: CMPSC
Secondary: ME
Optional: ED

Non-Disclosure Agreement: NO

Intellectual Property: NO

Machine design is an iterative decision-making process that requires the selection and assemblage of machine elements to create a device that performs a desired task. A machine designer must possess knowledge of basic sciences like physics and chemistry and have a familiarity with machine components such as shafts, gears, and pulleys. Considerable imagination is required for designing a suitable mechanism for any given purpose. However, many people lack familiarity with machine components and may have never seen such elements work in real-world applications. Due to logistical challenges, it is commonplace to learn about machine design without hands on experience of devices and machines, instead learners are shown images, videos, and CAD models that demonstrate the functionality of machine components. These approaches, however, still lack the hands-on feel desired in learning machine design whereas virtual reality (VR) offers a potential solution that is more interactive and better translates to real world application. The objective of this project is to continue the development of a VR application intended to expose users to key elements of machine design (e.g., shafts, gears, pulleys) and give them experience assembling these components into commonly used mechanisms like gear boxes and linear actuators. The VR application should include gaming elements such that users/players experience engagement, motivation, and fun. While the immediate audience for the application is ME 360 – Machine Design – required for all ME undergraduates, the eventual goal is that it will be offered to users across the world who want to learn more about machine design. Students interested in this project: If you have experience with AR/VR, please indicate in the Optional comments section for this project.



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