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Using AI to build a more efficient US mortgage notes exchange

Company: US Mortgage Notes, Inc

Primary: CMPSC

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Are you interested in learning one way that AI can be used to make money in the finance industry? This is the project for you. The current project will build a block diagram for patent attorneys and a prototype for proof of concept and implementation. Students will assist with finalizing key documents for VC funding and communication. From wireframe to functional prototype, the senior students will connect our company's strategic execution plan to a functional mortgage note exchange system with AI integration. We will utilize both automated and human processes to minimize human interaction and optimize tech-enhanced automatic exchange processes of mortgage notes based on enhanced profiling. The current phase of this project will take an existing manual process of mortgage note exchange and reduce human interaction by 75% with automated technological and AI processes. Normal procedures include relationship building with buyers and sellers as a manual broker then completing a trade desk protocol of emails and document sharing. However, maintaining our core value of equity, we can make this more efficient by using AI to profile buyers and sellers, utilizing data fields, and creating matching protocols to optimize the exchange process for both sides of the transaction. Therefore the final project deliverable at this phase will be to: #1- Complete the mapping process of profiling buyers and sellers utilizing AI-assisted tech #2- Identify areas and tech AI tools to enhance profiling, analysis of data, and execution of the trade desk protocol #3- Iterate sequences of exchange with enhanced systems for exchange to reduce human interaction by 75% #4- Align ESG strategic execution goals to product development to complete pitch decks for VC presentations #5- Complete requested materials for the patent-pending legal team Students interested in this awesome project: If you have experience with AI/ML, please indicate in the Optional comments section.



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