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Green sterlization of hospital spaces

Company: Aimloxy, LLC

Primary: BME
Secondary: ME
Optional: EE

Non-Disclosure Agreement: YES

Intellectual Property: YES

Aimloxy, LLC is developing patent-cleared technology application for disinfection/sterilization of hospital spaces. Every patient deserves a clean hospital room. We recognize the significance of prioritizing patient safety and implementing eco-friendly technology for sustainable practices. By embracing non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning technology, we can effectively minimize the potential hazards associated with harmful chemicals, benefiting both patients and healthcare workers. Additionally, this approach contributes to the reduction of toxic chemical emissions into the environment. As per Future Market Insights (FMI), the hospital disinfectant products & services market is projected to reach USD 58,388.4 Mn by 2029. One of the key advantages of our sterilization system is its effectiveness in eliminating pathogens, while also being environmentally conscious. The process generates only oxygen and water as end-products, minimizing any adverse impact on the environment. Additionally, the system operates at a low temperature, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental burns or staff exposure during its operation. This ensures a safer working environment for the personnel involved in operating the system. The assigned team will be responsible for developing the functional unit which can be automated to function remotely in a room. Produce the necessary quantity of ozone required to sterilize the space, validate sterilization and then disintegrate ozone prior to opening the space for the next patient. The developed system should be uses friendly being deployed by hospital cleaning team, intuitive, cost efficient, time efficient and safe.



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