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Generative AI Playbook and Workflow Analysis

Company: ISSIP

Primary: IE
Secondary: CMPSC

Non-Disclosure Agreement: NO

Intellectual Property: NO

Title: Generative AI Playbook and Workflow Analysis The purpose of this project is to research, design, and develop a standard playbook and workflow analysis for prompt engineering of generative AI tools including the input and quality control of the output. Three case studies of the content generation process for historic service system innovations will be developed to drive the creation of the playbook and workflow analysis. Students will select and compare generative AI tools for creating an essay, picture, video, and web page of historic service system innovations that highlight the three key aspects of a service system innovation - access to advanced technical capability, business model for scaling benefits, and institutional arrangements for mitigating harms and improving safety. For example, automobiles improved transportation service systems, assembly lines improved production, installment payment plans improved customers ability to buy, and transportation safety organizations reduced accidents, deaths, and injuries. The generative AI playbook should highlight the workflow as well as a final analysis of each of the three case examples. How were tools selected and compared? What productivity and quality issues arose? Were some errors and problems severe and others minor? Is there the potential to include cost and productivity study for AI vs. "traditional" content generation? Does the playbook have value for ISSIP student volunteers seeking to learn to use generative AI tools to create content for the ISSIP website? Does the playbook have value for ISSIP corporate members who would like to evaluate generative AI tools for internal corporate projects? Does the playbook have value for ISSIP academic members who would like to do research and publish about generative AI strengths and weaknesses? Does the playbook have value for volunteer run organizations seeking to improve the productivity, reduce tedious tasks, and enhance engagement on fun and creative tasks of volunteers?? Students interested in this project: If you have experience with AI/ML, please indicate in the Optional comments section. ISSIP is a global non-profit professional association with a focus on service, service systems, service innovation, and professional development (lifelong learning) of our members (awards, events, publications, collaborations). Speakers at ISSIP events include executives from Google, Microsoft, NVidia, Meta, Apple, IBM, Cisco, Mastercard,, National Academy of Engineering (NASEM), and other businesses and organizations. We would like students to use generative AI to create content (essay, picture, video) and system (code) for our ISSIP website and volunteer processes. The students will learn a great deal about generative AI for content creation and system development (Mollick 2023), and will be introduced to our industry and other members who may be interested in follow-on activities with the students. Reference: Mollick E (2023) How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide URL:



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