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Aluminum Extrusion Kit and Playbook for STEM Education - Team 2

Company: Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC)

Primary: ME
Secondary: ESC
Optional: IE

Non-Disclosure Agreement: NO

Intellectual Property: NO

Aluminum extrusions provide unmatched design solutions, and the PSU team will develop a technical kit and training aids for educational use. The ultimate goal is to establish an easily scalable method of delivering fun, technical training using a comprehensive kit and playbook. The project team will advance the work completed by the Spring 2023 PSU Graduate Engineering Leadership and Innovation Program project team. The team will work together to develop proposed aluminum extrusion kits with associated educational "playbooks" to guide educators in High School science, technical and STEM/STEAM, Vo-Tech and eventually introductory undergraduate technical colleges and universities. The student team will conduct on-site testing of the aluminum extrusion kits and educational materials in local schools, refining and customizing them to establish an engaging and adaptable platform for enhancing technical, scientific, and other educational pursuits. The kits will leverage the versatile design capabilities of aluminum extrusions, offering a unique learning experience for students. This effort will be supported by several North American leading aluminum extruders directly, working together as part of the trade association "AEC" - Aluminum Extruders Council, which has supported aluminum extrusion development, training, and implementation for over 75 years. The final deliverable will be a completed kit and playbook appropriate to pique the interest and help advance students' technical prowess through using the aluminum extrusion kits, guided by the educator's playbook, in their curriculum. By developing both a fundamental, beginner-friendly kit/playbook and more advanced versions, the AEC and its members can effectively engage with local high schools, Vo-Techs, colleges, and universities. This outreach will enable them to provide comprehensive training on the material, process, and design potential of this crucial material/process.



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