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Electronic Agile Workshop Game

Company: PSU Engineering Leadership Development Program

Primary: CMPEN
Secondary: ME
Optional: CMPSC, EE, ESC, IE

Non-Disclosure Agreement: NO

Intellectual Property: NO

Traditionally, Agile principles were created and have been used for software development teams; however, as teams become more multidisciplinary and organizations search for methods to streamline development and collaboration, there is a growing desire to expand Agile principles across many facets of multidisciplinary project management. See more here: The Engineering Leadership Development program provides students with opportunities to learn how to lead multidisciplinary teams through the development process. This happens in various curricular and extracurricular activities, including workshops specific to Agile Project Management. Currently, students learn about Agile Project Management by participating in a fun, interactive game utilizing play "pit balls" (the kind you used to jump into when you were a kid!). Attached are the specific instructions for the game. The primary purpose is to illustrate the mechanics of Agile Scrum through Planning, Execution, and Retrospective. Each period is timed with team effectivity and efficiency measured based on the successful processing of balls. In order to keep track of time, a separate, manual timer is used and metrics are tracked on a chalk / whiteboard. The three primary goals of this project would be to: 1) Create an electronic "system" for tracking and displaying the team's progress through multiple sprint periods, 2) Create a portable packaging solution that can be easily taken anywhere across campus by a single person, and 3) Create an environment that adds an element of Excitement, Stress, and FUN!



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