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Sponsors - Student Project Acknowledgement

Thank you for your interest in supporting student projects in connection with the Learning Factory. As a result of your support and involvement, undergraduate students at The Pennsylvania State University (the "University") working through the Learning Factory will be engaged on a project based on your input and support. Real world projects such as the one you are supporting significantly enhance student learning experiences. In return for your support and participation, the University will provide you with a copy of the project results, including as appropriate, any data, analysis, hardware and/or software (the "Student Project Results"), provided you agree with and acknowledge the following terms.

1. Student Project Results provided shall be used solely for your own internal review and analysis. Any and all rights to the Student Project Results, including all Intellectual Property Rights, if any, shall remain the rights of the individual student participants as appropriate under the law regarding rights to and ownership of intellectual property unless there is a separate written agreement addressing the ownership of intellectual property. Prior to any commercial use or subsequent transfer of any Student Project Results, you must obtain the appropriate rights from the respective owners. The agreement can be elected on the following project submission page. For more information concerning the individual rights holders, please contact the Director of the Learning Factory, Dr. Matthew Parkinson ( or 814-865-0016).

2. STUDENT PROJECT RESULTS ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT NECESSARILY LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY AS TO FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSES, MERCHANTABILITY OR NON-INFRINGEGEENT. All student projects are performed by University students and are not subject to peer review or independent verification of results. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless University, its agents, employees, students and volunteers for any and all harm, loss, liability, claims or damages which may arise from your use of the Student Project Results in whatever manner or form.

3. The Student Project Results are not the work of the University and any references either internally or to third parties shall clearly identify the source of the Student Project Results as an undergraduate student project performed at the University without subsequent independent evaluation. Publication of any aspect of the Student Project Results must be approved in writing by the author(s) and must contain appropriate references as to the source and development of the published information.

4. The deduction to which you may be entitled as a result of your support is limited to the excess of the amount of your contribution to the University over the value of goods or services provided to you by the University. If you do not request ownership of intellectual property developed during the course of the project, the University has determined that the value of the goods and services furnished to you is $1000. If you request ownership of intellectual property developed during the course of the project, the University has determined that the value of the goods and services furnished to you is $1500. Please note that your deduction for the balance of the contribution may be further limited under applicable law. Please consult your tax advisor.


A donation of $3,500 is required for the first project team. Additional teams working on the same project requires an additional $2,000 per team. Because this is a charitable contribution, no guarantees can be made on project outcomes, other than "Best Effort". Students are provided a working budget of $1,000 to cover direct expenses for materials, supplies, and travel required for completion of the project. The remainder covers overhead expenses of the participating departments and their facilities (public events, supplies, equipment replacement, etc.). Additional funds may be required from the sponsor for specialized equipment, other unique project expenses, or for intellectual property ownership rights (as noted below).



Our mission is to help bring the real-world into the classroom by providing engineering students with practical hands-on experience through industry-sponsored and client-based capstone design projects. Since its inception, the Learning Factory has completed more than 1,800 projects for more than 500 different sponsors, and nearly 9,000 engineering students at Penn State University Park participated in such a project.

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